Import users and groups

Learn how to use Kademi's easy to use import wizard. This lets you

  • import users with their profile details.
  • and their tags/groups to segment by interest and behaviour.
  • upload unsubscribes or remove users.
  • connect users with organisations.
  • initiate automated customer journeys.

Sending group emails

This video tutorial shows you how to visually create and send richly formated emails to your customers and users.

You can use this for newsletters, onboarding emails, registration and campaigns.

  • visual, drag and drop editor.
  • send to thousands, or hundreds of thousands of recipients.
  • use rules based recipient groups to target emails and content.
  • use your own domain name.
  • create highly personalised and engaging emails with dynamic components.

Using and sending blogs 

Learn how to use Kademi's easy to use Blog wizard. This lets you

  • easily use the visual, drag and drop editing.
  • use one wizard to setup blogs, social media, groups and emails,
  • use one wizard to send all you information to the Facebook pages, twitter, grouped blogs, emails and more.
  • we guide you with how to use the blog platform and understand the tools.
  • how to link your social media 

Create, transfer & deligate domains 

This video tutorial shows you how to create a domain name, transfer and deligate 
a domain name.

  • how to create a domain name and purchase.
  • how to deligate a domain (using your existing domain
    with Kademi's platform easy features).
  • how to transfer a old domain name to Kademi.

Nesting Containers and
using components 

Do you know what a container and component is used for?
Kademi uses a platform (k-editor) where your website page is able to have multiple layouts, this is where containers come in, as they allow you to do this, components are all the elements that go into the containers, eg- text, pictures, blogs, videos etc. 

  • how to add a container and component
  • how to edit the settings in containers and components
  • changing the size of the container to suiut the style required

How to create a login page for your website

What is a login page used for? click on the link below to get a brief expanation and how to create a login page.
  • How to create a login page
  • How to edit the login page template
  • Adding a background and adjusting image size
  • Adjusting the login page container position
  • How to preview your login page

Showing containing visibility

Adding certain articles to users of a group who can only see certain page content you publish for your website.
-eg - a logged in users can have full access to the website, so, if there are   grouped users like bronze, silver and gold members, each member can get a   customised article or update on the website with out anyone knowing its   different, which individualizes the site and makes the customer feel really   special.


  • Setting your page containers to groups
  • Adding group access to preview the webpage
  • How to preview your pages


  • learn how to get live statistics on which articles or blogs get more feedback
  • set the percentage of how many users can see certain articles
  • see visual statistics