Find below a list of handy resources to help you learn more about Kademi's software.

How to delegate a domain

Adding your old domain name to Kademi, we explain in a few simple steps how to delegate your setting into Kademi.

27/3/2018 08:00

Create a contact form with Google ReCaptcha

Use a contact form to allow customers to contact you from your website, and add Google ReCaptcha to prevent spam submissions.

27/3/2018 18:41

Editing Content Integrations

How to purchase a domain name

Create a personalized domain name with Kademi for a first time user.

29/3/2018 05:27

Website Management

Managing SSL certificates

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. Add security to your website.

29/3/2018 05:32

Website Management

Search engine optimization

Add meta tag keywords and descriptions to all of your web pages to make your website more active on the world wide web.

29/3/2018 05:32

Emails & Marketing Website Management


Learn how to use Kademi's blog application to create and manage articles for your website.

29/3/2018 05:54

Blogs & Forums

Dashboard Alerts

Dashboard alerts appear on a users dashboard so are very visible. They're a great way to get information out to your users without flooding their inbox.

29/3/2018 05:54

Emails & Marketing User Management


Comments are useful for explaining, illustrating, or criticizing, an observation or remark expressing an opinion or attitude, critical and constructive comments. e.g - e-learning, blogs, rewards, and e-commerce stores etc...

29/3/2018 05:54

User Management Blogs & Forums


Learn how to get live statistics from various articles, blogs, style layouts, buttons, text, images which will give you feedback to which variant works best for you and your website to target a specific audience!

29/3/2018 05:55

Emails & Marketing User Management Website Management

FullStory integration

FullStory, allows the administrator to see exactly what your customers or users are doing, where they're getting stuck, what they're interested in, products, pages and more.

29/3/2018 05:55


Facebook share link

Use this link to share your information or a link to Facebook

29/3/2018 05:55


Google maps

Use Google maps where required on your website, we show you how to add Google API keys and embed your location code for this application to work perfectly.

29/3/2018 05:56



Kademi's Kchat is a web service that allows businesses to communicate, or chat, in real time with visitors to their Web site. Kademi's Kchat is commonly used to provide immediate customer support and information to clients and customers using text, pictures, and video's files.

29/3/2018 06:11

User Management Website Management


Queries can accomplish a few different tasks. Primarily, queries are used to find specific data by filtering specific criteria. Queries can also calculate or summarize data, as well as automate data management tasks. Other queries include parameters, totals, crosstab, make tables, append, update and delete. For example, a parameter query runs variations of a particular query, which prompts a user to insert a field value, and then it uses that value to create the criteria, while totals queries allow users to group and summarize data.

29/3/2018 06:16

User Management


Polls add elements of fun to viewers who can experience online polls to keep your website visitors interested and engaged, Reward or give discounts to your viewers or members.

29/3/2018 06:16

Feedback & Recognition

Linkedin share link

Use this link to share your information or a link to LinkedIn

29/3/2018 06:16



Surveys are a method of gathering information from individuals. Surveys have a variety of purposes, and can be conducted in many ways. Use kademi's k-survey app to create a super easy survey for your viewers

29/3/2018 06:17

Feedback & Recognition

Recognition Badges

Recognition badges are core to channels, employee engagement, achievements, and self-reward. A business strategy, They allow companies to focus and measure their goals and initiatives. Badges help staff feel needed in the organization and to know what actions or behaviors the company most values.

29/3/2018 06:17

Feedback & Recognition


Xero is online accounting software for small businesses. Use Xero Integration with Kademi to manage invoicing & purchase orders.

29/3/2018 06:18

eCommerce Integrations

Embedding code

Embed widgets from other services, eg videos from youtube, maps from google maps, etc. For most of these there are built in Kademi components to make life easy, but when there is no special component you can still just drop in a code snippet, referred to as "embedding"

29/3/2018 06:41

Editing Content Developers

Email forwarding

Learn how to use Kademi's email forwarder to redirect mail to one or more other email addresses.

29/3/2018 07:18

Emails & Marketing Website Management

Hyperlink email

A hyperlink, or simply a link, is a reference to data that the reader can directly follow either by clicking, tapping, or hovering. A hyperlink points to a whole document or to a specific element within a document.

29/3/2018 07:20

Emails & Marketing

Engagement scoring and escalating qualified leads

Learn how to create an engagement scoring and lead escalation

29/3/2018 07:23

Emails & Marketing User Management Integrations


We show you how to create a recognition program consisting of e-learning and sales achievement.

29/3/2018 07:25

Incentives eLearning Feedback & Recognition

How to update training result codes

Video walkthough showing how to use advanced filtering of training results, and how to update training result codes

2/7/2019 09:34


Setup Outlook to sync with a Kademi calendar

Video how-to showing setting up Outlook to sync with Kademi calendars.

21/8/2019 08:17


Web page permissions

4/9/2019 04:47

Editing Content Website Management

How to instantly copy a directory or website

4/9/2019 05:16

Website Management

Enabling Google Analytics

4/9/2019 05:33

Website Management-deleted-1615171004736

How to set up DKIM and test it

4/9/2019 05:41

Emails & Marketing Website Management

Mail Servers

4/9/2019 06:18

Emails & Marketing Website Management

Syncing calendars with Outlook

9/9/2019 09:29


Setting up a signup form

Learn the ins and outs of our Signup form component

26/9/2019 10:18

User Management

Customising editor styles and templates

8/10/2019 01:23


Style your site with LESS

8/10/2019 01:33


Create a custom payment form

8/10/2019 02:02


Embedding video on your website

8/10/2019 02:04


Login forms and pages

8/10/2019 02:08


Defining roles in custom apps

8/10/2019 02:32


Using custom app API in emails

8/10/2019 02:39


Developing with Ksync

8/10/2019 02:56



8/10/2019 03:01


Setting up DKIM

8/10/2019 03:08

Using path resolvers

8/10/2019 03:12


How to use the org locator app

Learn how to use the org locator app to allow website visitors to search for their nearest organization.

8/10/2019 03:16

Editing Content Integrations

Granting public access to website resources

9/10/2019 01:35

User Management Website Management

Setup notifications

9/10/2019 02:01


Send emails

9/10/2019 02:08


Developing with surveys

9/10/2019 02:24


User and membership api

9/10/2019 02:26


OAuth 2

9/10/2019 06:43


JavaScript controllers

9/10/2019 06:46


Using the Kademi JSON Database

Learn how to use Kademi's built in JSON database to store arbitrary data structures.

9/10/2019 06:54


Handling email with a custom App

9/10/2019 06:59



9/10/2019 07:03


Custom reports

9/10/2019 07:32


Simple points notification journey

Shows creating a journey to send users an email when they've been awarded points.

30/10/2019 04:39

Incentives Emails & Marketing

Creating your own portlets with custom apps

1/11/2019 02:48


Custom error pages

5/11/2019 10:05

Editing Content

Building custom registration forms

15/11/2019 20:37


Copy Paste in the File manager

See how to use the copy/paste function in Kademi's file manager to duplicate file and folder resources.

1/5/2020 08:06


Editing pricing tiers in a spreadsheet

5/6/2020 07:32

Incentives eCommerce

How to make the menu dock to the top of the screen

10/6/2020 12:16

Editing Content

Using KCode for task approval in a sales claim approval workflow

Demonstrates creating a journey to automate the sales claim approval workflow, focusing on how to dynamically select users to assign tasks to for approval.

22/6/2020 14:38

User Management

SendGrid integration

2/7/2020 11:16

Emails & Marketing Integrations

Using KCode

10/7/2020 09:36

Editing Content Fundamentals

Adding downloadable resources to your site

20/7/2020 15:01

Editing Content

Creating and managing forums

22/7/2020 07:54

Blogs & Forums

Group resources

5/8/2020 09:17

Editing Content User Management

Adding a member list to a company page

21/8/2020 07:13

Editing Content User Management

User session replay

8/9/2020 14:43

User Management Website Management

Setting up a 3rd party integration with an embed code

8/9/2020 14:59

Integrations Website Management

Restricting products displayed to users with a price limit

15/9/2020 13:25

eCommerce Editing Content

Ways to sort products in your eCommerce store

See the different ways products in your eCommerce store can be sorted to display products that are most relevant to your customers.

15/9/2020 13:55

eCommerce Editing Content

Create an OTP login component

14/10/2020 19:08


Using the website readonly feature

Just a quick video which walks you through using Kademi's read-only feature which is used to safely edit and manage website content. Also shows how this can impact on editing pricing rules.

14/1/2021 09:27

Editing Content Website Management

Creating a sub account

26/1/2021 15:05


Reusing content layouts

2/2/2021 11:16

Editing Content

Using the Clarity app

11/2/2021 07:51


Custom CSS

Learn how to use custom CSS in your Kademi site.

5/7/2021 13:15

Editing Content

Installing a solution

See how easy it is to install a Kademi solution.

5/8/2021 15:48


IDP Implementing CSRF Protection

This how-to shows configuring Kademi's IDP framework for protection against cross site request forgery attacks with CSRF tokens

25/8/2021 16:24

Developers Security

IDP Implementing protection against brute force attacks

This how-to shows configuring Kademi's IDP framework for protection against brute force attacks on user resources, such as logins and password reset page

25/8/2021 17:06

Developers Security

Using the query builder

20/9/2021 04:26


Setting up a reward store from scratch

Learn how to set up a reward store from scratch.

15/10/2021 08:59

Incentives eCommerce

KReferral with Admin Approval Acceptance

How to use KReferral with Admin Approval on Registration and Activation

28/10/2021 13:37

Kademi Self Hosting

7/12/2021 09:22


Resetting point allocations

19/1/2022 12:45

Incentives User Management

Adding a favicon to your site

20/1/2022 07:29

Editing Content Website Management


Just information regarding using KBoot

8/2/2022 06:50


Moving hosted zones

Learn how to move hosted zones, domains and other information between accounts.

21/2/2022 14:47

Website Management

Reindexing the Search Index

2/3/2022 14:10

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