Dashboard Alerts

Dashboard alerts appear on a users dashboard so are very visible. They're a great way to get information out to your users without flooding their inbox.

29/3/2018 05:54

Emails & Marketing User Management


Comments are useful for explaining, illustrating, or criticizing, an observation or remark expressing an opinion or attitude, critical and constructive comments. e.g - e-learning, blogs, rewards, and e-commerce stores etc...

29/3/2018 05:54

User Management Blogs & Forums


Learn how to get live statistics from various articles, blogs, style layouts, buttons, text, images which will give you feedback to which variant works best for you and your website to target a specific audience!

29/3/2018 05:55

Emails & Marketing User Management Website Management


Kademi's Kchat is a web service that allows businesses to communicate, or chat, in real time with visitors to their Web site. Kademi's Kchat is commonly used to provide immediate customer support and information to clients and customers using text, pictures, and video's files.

29/3/2018 06:11

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Queries can accomplish a few different tasks. Primarily, queries are used to find specific data by filtering specific criteria. Queries can also calculate or summarize data, as well as automate data management tasks. Other queries include parameters, totals, crosstab, make tables, append, update and delete. For example, a parameter query runs variations of a particular query, which prompts a user to insert a field value, and then it uses that value to create the criteria, while totals queries allow users to group and summarize data.

29/3/2018 06:16

User Management

Engagement scoring and escalating qualified leads

Learn how to create an engagement scoring and lead escalation

29/3/2018 07:23

Emails & Marketing User Management Integrations

Enabling 2 Factor Authentication

Learn how to enable 2 Factor Authentication in your Kademi account.

8/8/2019 05:31

User Management Fundamentals

Setting up a signup form

Learn the ins and outs of our Signup form component

26/9/2019 10:18

User Management

Granting public access to website resoruces

9/10/2019 01:35

User Management Website Management

Using KCode for task approval in a sales claim approval workflow

Demonstrates creating a journey to automate the sales claim approval workflow, focusing on how to dynamically select users to assign tasks to for approval.

22/6/2020 14:38

User Management

Group resources

5/8/2020 09:17

Editing Content User Management

Adding a member list to a company page

21/8/2020 07:13

Editing Content User Management

User session replay

8/9/2020 14:43

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