Importing users and organisations for channel engagement

2018-03-28 19:28:00.0
Community Management

Importing channel engagement data

This video shows how to create the structure required for a typical channel engagement program.

This includes setting up organisation types for sales rep territories and for dealerships, and then importing users for the sales reps and dealer principles.

The same program structure applies for retail channels, pharmaceutical, automotive, etc.

This example shows a simple two-tier model in which dealers are grouped inside sales territories, but the same approach can be extended with higher level organisation hierarchy such as national  or state based sales regions.

The structure can also be extended to support banner groups, such as different retail brands which operate across sales rep territories.

Example Structure

Here's a pretty common structure for a brand which sells through sales reps into a dealer or retail channel. This shows internal business units as well, for HR, Manufacturing, Sales, and Finance.