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Sales Rep Microsite

This tutorial is to illustrate how sales reps who are selling through a channel can view their customer activities on a website in order to support them and
assist the rep's background knowledge so they know how to target their channels.

Create a new website for K-leadman
  • Go to the website manager

  • Create a new website

  • Click on the settings gear of your website

  • Click on find more apps

Adding lead management components (Step 4)

  • Go to Content - edit web pages

  • Select the page or template you would like your lead management to be on

Go to containers

Add required containers for the number of components used

Add required components for the purpose of your website

In this instance below we are using a sales team with a reward loyalty program, who can review sales points of an organization on their own dashboard, so we want to setup the required components for the sales group users, so when they login, they can view the statistics and have background knowledge of the customer,
so the sales rep can support and engage with the customer and create the ultimate customer experience and create more sales.

NB// - Each Sales Rep Microsite will differ, so use the appropriate components from the applications you installed, to create the data you want to be viewed.

Copy and paste the names of the components to use, into the component search engine of the components.

  1. Display the title of the selected organization

  2. Allows selecting an organisation to filter data

  3. Display a date range control

  4. Points Leaderboard

  5. Points Transaction

  6. Points Transaction

  7. Display a list of the top points balances

  8. Single Value Settings

  9.Display a list of recent points awards

  10. Display a histogram of debits activity

Add setting to customize the components

  • Click on a component, select the settings gear

  • Add the points bucket to view

  • Add in any other required field needed

Create a login page

You will require a login page so that the user that logs in will be able to be directed to the dashboard

Click on this link to learn how to create a Login page

Login and view the Dashboard

You may want a sales rep to only see certain main menus when they login.



How to edit main menus

  • Do the same process as Step 4

  • Next, click on defaultThemeTemplate

Editing menu items

Click on the menu settings button.

Click, to turn on, the show search form

Next, look for menu items


How to hide menus

Click on the edit button of a menu you would like to hide

Login to view the sales channel of your customers