Managing sales reps and dealer data bases

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Managing sales reps and dealer databases

This tutorial can assist you with the understanding of how organization types and organizations are linked to each organization parent, type and adding members to the organization.

We will show you how to add members to the organization by assigning users to each organization. we use a table uploader to make this process quick.

    Add organisation types

    Organisation types represent the different types of businesses, departments, or other organisations that your users belong to. This can be used to limit which organisations different types of users can sign up to. For example, if you have a user group "pharmacist" you might only want them to register to organisations of type "pharmacy". You can set the organisation type on your organisations either one at a time through the Manage organisations page, or you can set them when you upload a spread sheet of organisations.

    • Click on groups and users

    • Next, select organisations types

    • Select the add new organsiations button

    • Add a meaningful name and code for your organisation type
      The code should be a unique name and preferably never be changed.

    Uploading multiple organisations 

    There are 2 steps to uploading your organisation database, 

    • 1st step: Is uploading and mapping fields from your CSV database file (ie - org ID, name, type of organisation and the basic credentials) but excluding your organisation parent ID/Path as this needs to add in step 2.

    • 2nd step - Now that your org ID, name, type of organisation and the basic credentials have been added, you need to add only the org ID and org parent ID/path to the database using the table uploader and map the fields.

    please see the link below regarding how table up-loaders work

    • Click on groups and users

    • Next, select organizations

    • Select the tools drop-down button

    • Click import wizard

    • Upload your CSV file, map all fields to your datasheet and import.

    Adding organisations manually

    Use this method when you need to add single or few organistaions manually

    • Click on groups and users

    • Next, select organizations

    • Click on the add new organisations button

    • Add a Unique ID for that organisation
      This unique ID code is used to enable updating from a spread sheet, it  links users, memberships to groups and to organisations

    • Add a friendly name for the organistaion

    • Type - This is your organisation type, ie, If you are selling a product to a variety of stores but would like to categorise them like gas stations, dairies or bakeries, etc...
      this is useful if you want to send targeted emails, specials and news etc to that organisation.

    • Save

    Add a group

    Add various groups so you can link users/memberships to organisations.

    • Click, Groups & users

    • Groups

    • Click on add group button

    • Select what type of group

    • Add a meaningful group title and code

    Importing users to groups and organistaions

    • Click on groups and users

    • Next, select users

    • Select the tool drop down menu

    • Select import & remove users

    • Upload your CSV file

    Table uploader mapping issues

    Please make sure the group name and organisation ID's are named exactly the same as this will cause linking issues and prevent the users from being added either in the correct groups and org types and organisations.

      Members added to the organisation succesfully

      The members have been added to the organisations and group types


        Manually add/remove users from groups and organisation's

        If you would like to change permissions for a user within a group and the organisation, you can manually change it with ease

        • Click on groups and users

        • Next, select users

        • Select the edit button for the user required

        How to add group/memberships to organisations

        Click on the add memberships to organisations button and add a user

          Add users to a group/memberships

          You need to add the user to a group/membership in order for you to add an organisation, as all the users/ members will be linked to that organisation

          Adding a organisation to a group

          Click to add the group to an organisation

            Select the appropriate organisation to the group or add the Org ID

              Identify if the user is in a group or organisation

              The Group is called e.g - Sale-reps in the organisation is e.g - AUK gas and this user will have access to doing certain roles and able to access certain parts of the company's website