Registration form setup

2018-03-28 19:42:00.0
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Installing applications for the registration form

In this tutorial, Kademi's application (User registration and signup) needs to be installed in order for the registration form to work.

Create a registration form page and linking it to a webpage

The next step is to create a registration page so you can use it as a  link in order to link it to a button on the desired webpage on your site.

Permissions roles for groups to use registration forms

We show the different group memberships (OPEN, APPROVAL and CLOSED memberships) that can be used for a registration form.
How to setup permission roles for groups and if you want them in organisations and some basic extra fields that can be used.
We show you how to add group access, which allows users to be added to groups.

Testing the registration form

In the final part of this tutorial, we show you how to test the registration form and see if users have been added to the groups.