Restoring files and repositories

2019-10-08 14:39:00.0
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Kademi repositories use a non-destructive filesystem which guarantees that in no cases will work ever be lost.

If ever you need to restore work which has been deleted or overwritten you can do so in two ways

  • Restore a single file
  • Restore an entire repository branch to its previous state.

Rollback a single file

First open your file manager and find the directory with the file you want to rollback. Then switch to the Files and Folders view and click the tools drop down for your file

From the Show History dialog simply click the rollback button for the version you want to restore:

Restore a whole repository branch

To restore the whole repository branch to an earlier state you should use the repository history page. Click the History button on the manage files page.


On the history page you get a view of recent activity. Simply click the restore button for the version you want to rollback to. This will return the entire repository branch to the exact state that it was in at that point in time. Note that restoring creates a new version, and you can always return to the version you had before restoring.