Setup an inventory location

2018-03-28 20:34:00.0
Product Management


An inventory location is a complete list of items, for instance, products are recorded in a store to ensure items do not finish so they will be replenished

Add a new inventory location

  • Select products & stores

  • Next, click inventory

  • Click on add a new inventory button

  • Add the Name/Code of the inventory location to allocate stock

  • Add a meaningful title

  • Click on create location

Add the stock quantity of each variant

Now that the inventory location has been created we can now add some stock to each item

  • Proceed to product SKU's

  • Add stock quantity to the each variant

  • this will upload the amount to the inventory

Select the inventory location

Go to the inventory menu
Select your inventory location to check that all quantities have been imported from the SKU's

Click to adjust stock of product variants

You are able to identify each SKU code and see stock amounts of each item  
click on the adjust stock button to add or remove quantities for stock variants