Uploading users to the table uploader

2018-03-28 19:18:00.0
Community Management

Using the Users Uploader

The user's uploader is used to import a datasheet file, the datasheet file is uploaded by using an excel or CSV format.
Add users to multiple groups, Kademi can add custom mapping fields if required.

This is a default MS-Excel template that Kademi uses to upload data to groups

Adding a group

Add users to groups to allow them to have certain website access, rolls, and permissions.

  • Click on groups and users - Groups

  • Next click on + New Group button

  • Select what the group be used for
    - Primary group
    - Mailing list
    - User tag, or opt-in group

  • Add the group title

  • The code will be the same name as the group title and can be used in Excel or a CSV file so that the uploader can download the users into the correct group titles
    you can add a comma followed by a space to add a user to multiple groups.

  • Click on the add button

How to upload users

You will need to add the users to the group you created.

  • Select Users

  • Select the Tools dropdown tab

  • If you want a template to work from for new users - click on "Export users"

  • Import your Excel or CSV file by clicking on "import & remove users"

Upload your CSV, XLS, XLSX file

Click on the button to start the 1 step to uploading your data.

Initialisation of the options

  • Select the mode required
    - Auto is the default setting - will look for new and duplicated data to be uploaded
    - Remove all uploaded - this option will remove all users from the data file being uploaded
    - un-subscribe all uploaded - this option will un-subscribe all users from the data file being uploaded

  • Default group
    - Select a group you want the users to be added to
    - If you do not select a group the users will be added to no group, you can assign users manually.

Mapping the destination field to each column

This is the most important part of the upload, this is where you will assign each field to each column of your datasheet.
It is very important that this is done correctly.

  • Save configuration - once you have assigned each field to each column,  you can save this and assign it to the upload the next time you upload data to the users
  • Click on the drop-down arrows to select the destination field for each column to map/import to.

Check that importing of users is successful

  • You can identify if your import of users and mapping has been uploaded correctly.

- If new rows/users have been added
- Existing rows that have been deleted
- The status of existing rows that have been updated
- If there are any invalid rows it means the mapping of columns have been selected wrong 

  • Click on the import button to start the upload of users the groups you assigned.

Status report check

Check the status of the report to see that all users have been created, updated, deleted, any uploads with errors and you can view any error files.
Complete the import of users by clciking on the complete button

View your user in your group

  • Go to groups and users

  • Select groups

  • Click on the members in the group button

Users have been added to the group successfuly

The illustration below show that all users have been uploaded correctly.