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eCommerce Integrations

Xero Integration

Xero is online accounting software for small businesses. Use Xero Integration with Kademi to manage invoicing & purchase orders.

Go to the marketplace

You need to install applications on your website

  • 1st go to website manager, select website

  • Click on the settings button of your website

  • Next click on find more apps

Initialise the setting for Xero (platform app)

  • Go to website manager, select apps

  • Search for the Xero (platform app)

  • Click, turn  on

  • Next, click on the settings button

Connect to link Xero to Kademi

Allow Kademi to access your Xero account

Turn on Xero in the reward store

  • Go to products & stores, select reward stores

  • Select and edit a reward store to finalize the settings on Xero

  • Next, select the settings tab

  • Click, turn on purchase order and weekly invoices

  • Assign the next invoice processing date required

  • Save

Purchase a product in the reward store

When a user purchases a product and adds there details the details will be sent to Xero, once purchase is confirmed

Go to your Xero account

  • Check that the order in Xero is reflecting

  • Select the account menu and proceed to purchases

  • Scroll down and select the purchase order that has been purchased

Purchase order is integrated

Purchase details have been transferred from Kademi to Xero successfully.