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Add/Edit reward store and add products

Now its time to add a reward store. All marked area's are clickable. To create a new reward store click on Create a reward store button. see the images below.

Select a repository for the reward store and select a point bucket for the store. Press create reward store.

To edit or view details click on manage button or reward store title. Inside a reward store there are tabs named as product and general details.

For product tab, select a product library. If you select all from product dropdown you will see all products of that library and if you select included then only inclucded products will appear for the store.

Once products  appear select all of them by the master checkbox(the top most checkbox) or if you need some of them then select individully. See image below.

using general tab you can edit details of the reward store like, name/code, title, point bucket, website, GST etc.

So, now we have a complete reward store.


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