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Rewarding users for doing e-learning modules in Kademi is easy. Just setup your reward and link it to each module.

In this tutorial we'll walk through each step.

Step 1: Create the reward

I'm going to change the status to Active immediately so we can see this thing in action. I'll leave the points system as "no points system" (we want to issue entries, not accumulate points), and leave everything else on the Details tab blank or default values.

If we wanted my reward to only run for a specific period, ie as part of a 3 month promotion, we would enter the appropriate start and end dates which would ensure entries are only issued during that period.

We can add a bit of content to the Details content area, so that if a user visits the reward page (they dont need to) they will see something that explains what the promotion is all about, and hopefully makes it sound appealing!

Now press save, and we'll move on to linking the reward to a module..

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