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Send email

The common task while administrating Kademi website is doing a group email sending for multiple users or user groups to provide them new information or invite new users to visit new site or feature. Kademi group emails feature provide such functional. It’s very flexible and could be used for multiple tasks.

Group email may be in several statuses:

  • Draft - this a development status, all properties of the task could be changed
  • Sending - this is a processing status, nothing could be changed. This is not a durable status, however when job is started it could be aborted
  • Complete - this is final status, you could watch logs and enter some changes. However you couldn’t send this task again
  • Cancelled - this status appears when job was interrupted by the administrator action (by pressing cancel button while sending was in progress)

For create a new group email task you have to use “create new email” button and provide it’s name. All following parameters are changing while editing the job.

Interface of this page also contains a complete list of all group email jobs. Each line contains status icon, creation date, name, number of sent emails, open rate, conversion rate and usual drop-down controls. Drop-down controls allows you to edit, duplicate and delete task. The common thing is duplicating already sent email job for creating a copy in draft status to edit it and send in future.

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