This course is part of the program. Please review modules available within this course below

Writing templates

Goes into more depth about tools and techniques to use when writing templates.

Time: 0:20


Introduction to KCriteria with a use case based on extending KTimesheets app with a new screen to review timesheets for a team.

Time: 0:15

Authoring web components and controllers

The module covers using ksync to develop functional sites, creating components in your website without creating an app, and adding controller methods for server side logic to your website.

Time: 0:30

Introduction to App Builder

An introduction to Kademi's custom app platform.

Time: 0:20

Important APIs - users, sales and points

This module covers a few particularly important APIs, which demonstrate patterns of usage applicable to other APIs in Kademi.

Time: 0:30

Course completion assignment

Online workshop to re-cap the material covered in this course. This is an opportunity to ask the experts any questions you have on templating, controllers, etc.

Time: 2:00