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Creating your first app

Learn how to make a basic file manager app that will allow an admin to upload, download and delete files and allow end users to download the files from a website.

Time: 0:45

Working with Websockets

Websockets allows you to create apps with full two-way communication. In this module we will be working with WebsocketMappingBuilder (used to create the websocket mapping), and KademiWebsocketWrapper (used to broadcast and send messages).

Time: 0:10

Integrating custom apps with content editor

Learn how to integrate custom apps with Kademi's content editor.

Time: 0:30

Integrating an SMS Provider App

This tutorial will walk through a complete worked example of integrating an SMS provider app.

Time: 0:30

Triggering and receiving events in apps

Time: TBC

Creating custom KCodes

Time: TBC