Kademi Fundamentals

Course overview

In this Kademi fundamentals course you will learn a range of skills that will cover the following topics:

  • The basics of your Kademi account
  • Creating your first website
  • How to create a mailing list and upload your customer data
  • Creating a landing page using Keditor
  • Sending your first email

By the end of the module you will have a good handle on the basics of Kademi which will lead to further training extending the experience further.

To successfully complete this course you will need to re-create in your own account each activity across each module.  Modules are linked meaning what you setup in the first module will be used in the following module.

You can download the files used in this course by clicking the button below.

Download the files

1. Account setup

The basics you need to know when setting up your first account.

Time: 0:05

2. Creating your first website

How to setup a website in your Kademi account.

Time: 0:30

3. Creating groups and uploading customer data

Understanding the basics of creating and configuring a group then uploading a list of customers.

Time: 1:00

4. Creating a landing page

Use Keditor to create your first landing page.

Time: 1:00

4.1. Keditor Crash Course

Learn how to create graphics using Photoshop, export them and upload into Keditor to build beautiful web-pages.

Time: 1:00

5. Sending an email

Learn how to send your first email.

Time: 0:30