This course is part of the program. Please review modules available within this course below

Digital Asset Management - The Basics

Learn the basics of using Kademi's Digital Asset Manager.

Time: 0:30

Container visibility rules

The module shows how to use group selection, and visibility rules, to determine what different users see on your website.

Time: 0:15

Content types and assets

This module shows you how to use Kademi's Asset Manager to manage digital assets in a library, create content types for storing and viewing structured content types, create and edit instances of content types, and create customised views for content types in websites.

Time: 1:00

Multilingual Content

Learn how to create multilingual content for your website.

Time: 1:00

Assignment: video assets example

This assignment walks you through setting up a site for video delivery. Please build this yourself in your test account and submit for review.

Time: 0:30