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With Kademi you can edit content and files using three methods:

  • Browser based editing: Use the built in file manager, wysiwig editor and text editor (with code colouring) to edit templates and content
  • Webdav: connect using desktop tools like Windows Explorer and Mac Finder, or use 3rd party webdav tools like Cyberduck, Dreamweaver, etc
  • File sync: edit files locally and use our KSync to immediately sync your changes to your Kademi account



To connect with webdav just connect to the exact same URL as in your admin console, ie

Your credentials are your normal password and your user ID. Note that you should not use your email address as the user name to connect with webdav. You can find your userID from your profile page in the admin console.

Kademi works with the following webdav clients:





Windows Example

To connect with webdav using windows, go to This PC.


Click Map network drive.


Choose to connect to a website.


Follow the setup wizard, then enter the URL of your Kademi file location, for example


When asked for your credentials, enter your userID (found on your profile page in Kademi), and the password you use to log in to Kademi.

Complete the setup wizard, then open the file location.


You can now add/replace the files in the network location with your own files. Make sure the name matches the existing file in the network location if you are replacing a file, and that the name matches the correct format if you are adding a file.