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Comments are useful for explaining, illustrating, or criticizing, an observation or remark expressing an opinion or attitude, critical and constructive comments.
You are able to use these in many factors in Kademi, e.g - e-learning, blogs, rewards, and e-commerce stores etc...

Install the K-forums application

  • 1st go to website manager, select websites

  • Click on the settings button of your website

  • Next click on find more apps

Select the application from the market place

  • Select and click the K-forums application 

Install the application on your website

  • Click on the install button to activate the installation of the application to your website

  • Next click on the button -  Back to website manager

Turn the forums, topics and questions application on

  • Click on the apps tab 

  • Turn on the "Forums, topics and questions" application

  • Once the application is turned on click on the settings button

Edit application: forums

This function allows you to:

  • Enable notifications

  • Show them on the dashboard

  • Allow anonymous comments
    This is an important setting as you don't always want random people typing junk into your comments and also it's good for privacy for logged in users.

  • Save the options required

  • Next, go to website manager and select website

  • Click on the settings button 

View and test the comments

We are using Blogs as an example for this tutorial, we will be adding a few comments to the blog.

  • Click on the view website button

Adding comments to a blog

  • Select a Blog or a page where you will use your comments

  • Scroll down to the text box and add a comment or question

  • Click post

Moderating your posts

  • (1) Click on talk & connect

  • (2) Next, click on moderate posts

  • (3) There is content, the name of the blog, time frame of when the user posted a comment and author simply click on the name of the comments to access the site as the admin and answer any comments or questions.

  • (4) You are able to edit the post or delete it by clicking on the edit button

  • (5) Export records to a CSV file if required - for printouts or recordings and proof etc....