Creating and managing forums

2020-07-21 21:54:00.0
Blogs & Forums

Forums have 2 main uses in Kademi.

1 Q&A style forums where users can ask and answer questions

2 Commenting and replies on blog articles

Both uses allow an administrator to moderate and remove comments as needed.


To get started with both, install KForums in your website.


Setting up a Q&A style forum


Go to Talk & Connect, then Manage Forums, and select the website your forum will be located in.


Click Add forum and enter the forum details.


Next we need to edit the customer facing site.

Go to Content, then Edit web pages, and scroll down to the KForums templates.


Configure each template to meet your program requirements, e.g. by adding text, changing a header size, or editing the settings on a component.


Test the forum by posting a question.


Add a comment and/or reply to the question.


Once a question has been asked, you can see what the layout of the community page looks like with content.


Back on the admin site in Kademi, go to Talk & Connect, then Moderate posts. Tick a post to bring up the option to delete it.


Click the settings button next to a post to view more details.

The next thing we need to do is give users access to the forum.

Add a Forum user group, and grant access to the website from Website Manager.


On the group settings page, configure the roles. Your users need the forums user permission, on this account.


Add some test users to this group, and login as one of them to test the configuration.


Commenting and replies on blog articles


This tutorial assumes you already have KBlogs installed, a blog set up in your website, and user permissions for blogs configured.

Configure the roles for your blog users to include the forums user permission, on this account.

Go to Edit web pages, and open the viewBlogArticle template.


The commenting component should have been automatically added when KForums was installed, but you can add additional content regarding the comments section here if required.

Login to your site and view a blog article, and you’ll see commenting is now available.

Configuring forum app settings


Further settings can also be configured for forums by going to Apps and viewing the settings for the Forums, topics and questions app.


Ticking Allow anonymous comments will let visitors to your site comment on forums and blog articles without having an account.

Ticking Enable Notifications give users the option to be notified via email when someone replies to their comment or answers a question they have asked.

When this setting is enabled, it will show on the forum management page.


Users can choose to be notified of follow up comments when they post a comment or reply.


They will receive an email when another user comments or replies, but these emails will be limited to one every 6 hours to avoid spamming users.


Ticking Enable Admin notification will send email notifications to administrators when any new comments are posted, then they can moderate the comments on the admin site.