Facebook share link

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Facebook Share Link

Adding your account to facebook's for developers

Log in to your Facebook

Add the account you will be using to share.

Click here to get started

Click on next, to proceed to the next screen

Verifying your account

  • Add your contact number 

  • Click on the send a test button
    - wait for a text message to be sent to your mobile

  • Add the verification code

  • Select and click on verify

Add credentials

  • Add the meaningful app name

  • Add a contact email

  • Click, next

Security check

  • Add the safety check ReCaptcha

  • click on submit

Selecting your category of business

  • Click on one of the options which best describes what you do

Click to add your first product


Adding required information for the application

  • Go to settings

  • Next select Basic

  • Add a Privacy policy URL (required)

  • Add a picture to create an App Icon

  • Add terms of service URL (required)

  • Click, add platform button

Selecting a platform

  • Click on website

Adding Website URL's & turn on development status

  • Add the website URL to app domains

  • Add the website URL to site UR

  • Save changes

  • Next, click on the development status button - so its active

  • Copy the App ID code

Making the application public

  • Select a category so facebook knows what type of market your page will be published to mostly

  • Click confirm

Adding the Facebook share link to your website

  • Go to website manager

  • Select websites

  • Click on the settings gear of your website

Install the Social media login app and lib

  • Go to the apps tab

  • Search for the social media login app and sociallogin-lib

  • Turn them both on

Install the facebook-lib application

  • In the apps tab

  • Search for the facebook-lib

  • Click, turn  on

  • Next, click on the settings button

Paste the Facebook App ID & save

How to add the Facebook sharing application to a page

  • Click on Content

  • Go to edit web pages

  • Select a page and click on the edit button

Add the facebook share component

  • Add a container

  • Next, go to components

  • In the component category list - select dynamic component

  • Add the Facebook share component to the container

  • Click on the settings button for the Facebook component

  • Add settings that are required

  • Save

Share on Facebook

Log in to the page you added the Facebook page too

Click on the Facebook share button

Add a comment or request 

Post to Facebook