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Kademi has a range of built in applications that provide workflows for handling different types of forms. Most forms can have custom fields, and all forms cause triggers to be fired which can drive subsequent actions such as emails, add to group, etc.

Some forms also have an implicit email autoresponder.


Application Use Custom Fields? Trigger Event Autoresponder
Signup Registering new user accounts Yes, add custom fields to groups Subscription  

Submitting requests to be contacted


Request PDF

Yes, all fields submitted are recorded Contact Yes
Calendar Event registration, for conferences, webinars, etc. No. Only fields specific to the event will be recorded. Certain profile fields can be updated, such as first and last name and phone number. Coming soon Yes, attendance confirmation and reminders.
Products Ordering products Yes, additional fields can be specified on the product. Note that products do not need to be real products. Coming soon  
Learning Surveys and quizes as part of modules Yes. All inputs in module pages are stored as module fields.




Yes, modules have their own completion email
Referrals User sends referral to a friend, inviting them to the site No Referral Yes, sends the refferal invitation automatically