FullStory integration

2018-03-28 18:55:00.0

FullStory Integration

This application, FullStory, allows the administrator to see exactly what your customers or users are doing, where they're getting stuck, what they're interested in, products, pages and more.
FullStory is very valuable from a support perspective, customer experience and also from understanding and improving engagement.

Step 1: You can easily find FullStory app in Kademi Market Place


Step 2: After install, back to the website manager


Step 3: Find FullStory app in your applications list at Apps tab, Next, click Settings button to config.

TIP: You can find your Org ID in your FullStory account:

Click on this link to create your full story account https://www.fullstory.com



Step 4: After accessing your website with a specific profile,
go to the profile page and look at the timeline. You will see a post about FullStory session with the accessable link


Step 5: After clicking on View button, you can see your story in FullStory page