Group resources

2020-08-04 23:17:00.0
Editing Content User Management

To add resources on your site that are only visible for certain user groups, you can use Group resources.

This can be used to tailor a set of resources to different customer groups, with different resources available to different types of users.

This feature is only available for primary groups, to ensure users don’t cross over between groups. Remember, each user should only be a member of one primary group at a time.


1 Install KGroupResources in your website.


2 Go to the apps and app settings tab of your website management page and ensure Group resources and files is turned on.


3 A Group resources menu item will now be available under Website Manager.


4 Click Create next to the group you want to add resources for.


5 You will be redirected to the site’s file repository, where you can add the resources for the group. Click Upload to add files.


6 Add the files that this group should have access to.


Files can include Word documents, PDFs, images, videos, etc.


7 Login as a user in the relevant group to view the resources that have been added.

Navigate to the Resources page, and view the resources. Click on a resource to download it.


When logged in as a user not in the relevant group, the resources will not display.