How to instantly copy a directory or website

2019-09-03 19:16:00.0
Website Management

This technique allows you to instantly make a perfect copy of a directory, which could be in another repository or even account.

It uses Kademi's cryptographic filesystem which uses digital "fingerprints" to identify directory content.

By setting the fingerprint you make the content exactly the same as the original.

There's two similar features:

  • Copy a directory within a repository (eg within a website)
  • Copy an entire repository (usually a website)

Copy a Directory

Copy an entire website

You can apply a hash (ie a digital fingerprint) to an entire website on the repository history page. This is basically the same as the video above, except you use a different screen to set the hash:

First find and copy the hash you want to set:


Then in the account you want to copy to, go to the website manager and click through to the history page:


Then, from the history page, first click the "set hash manually" button to show the set hash panel.

And finally click the "set hash" button: