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Adding your account to LinkedIn for developers

Add application details

  • Add your company name

  • Add a meaningful application name

  • Add the application description

  • Add a logo to your application

  • Select a use for the application

  • Add your website URL

  • Add the primary business email address

  • Add the primary business phone number

  • Click the checkbox, to agree to the terms and conditions

  • Click on submit

Add application settings

  • Click on the checkbox, to activate w_share

  • Click on update to save

  • Next, Click JavaScript

Add your website URL

  • Copy and paste your website URL without any extensions

  • Click add

  • Next, click update

  • Proceed to authentification tab

Copy the client ID

You will need this code, in order to link Kademi app to LinkedIn

Adding the LinkedIn share link application to your website

  • Go to website manager

  • Select websites

  • Click on the settings gear of your website

  • Click on find more apps

Search for the KSocialLogin application

Adding your LinkedIn client ID to Kademi's application settings

How to add the LinkedIn sharing component to a page

  • Click on Content

  • Go to edit web pages

  • Select a page and click on the edit button

Add the LinkedIn share component

  • Add a container

  • Next, go to components

  • In the component category list - select dynamic component
    or type in LinkedIn to search for the component 

Add the LinkedIn share component to the container

  • Click on the settings button for the LinkedIn component

  • Add settings that a required

  • Save

How to test the LinkedIn Share link

Login to the website and proceed to the page

Click on the LinkedIn share button

Add the LinkedIn details for your account to share the link too

Click on allow access to share this link to your account