Profile matching and merging in integration scripts

2019-10-08 19:37:00.0

The video below shows setting up a system integration process to import profile (ie customer) data from a remote source.

This process matched existing customers where possible, and when new information allows existing profiles to be identified as duplicates merges them.

This is just a simple introduction, the matching API offers many more factors for matching profiles.

Source code used in the demo











function checkCusts(firstName, surName, phone, email) {   
    var matchReq = userManager.newProfileMatchRequest().or();
    // this will return all profiles matching all given non-blank params
    if( email ) {
    if( phone ) {
    var matched = userManager.findMatching(matchReq);"Matched {} profiles", matched.size());
    if( matched.size() == 0 ) {
        nextStep.exec(firstName, surName, phone, email, null);
    } else if( matched.size() == 1) {
        var existing = matched.get(0);
        nextStep.exec(firstName, surName, phone, email, existing.userName);
    } else {
        // Choose the first as the merge target. Merge others into that, and then continue with it
        var mergeDest = matched.get(0);
        userManager.mergeProfiles(mergeDest, matched);
        nextStep.exec(firstName, surName, phone, email, mergeDest.userName);


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