Send emails

2019-10-08 15:08:00.0

Kademi has two ways of sending emails. Emails can be templated, so they can dynamically display information relevant to each recipient.

  • Sending in bulk to groups of users
  • Automatically send individual emails based on triggers

The From address

This can be a plain address like, or it can be in the personalised form:

"Joe Bloggs" 

The Subject

You can use templating (see below) for subject and body. As example is:

Hello @{profile.firstName}, thank you for registering!


Email body content uses the MVEL templating language, for example @{profile.firstName} will output the recipients first name.

For example a donation page might respond with an email template like this:

@{profile.firstName}, thank you for your payment.

Thank you so much.
Your donation summary

Name: @{profile.firstName} @{profile.surName}
Amount:$ @{event.attributes.payment.amount}
Frequency: Monthly
Invoice number: @{event.attributes.payment.invoiceNum}
Receipt number: @{event.attributes.payment.transactionID}
Donation date: @{event.attributes.payment.createdDate}

Template objects

There are several objects available to templates

  • profile
  • formatter
  • user
  • website
  • login - this generates authentication tokens you can add to links to make them automatically login the user. Eg /survery1.html?@{login}

Auto login

As mentioned above there is the capability to add auto-login tokens to links. For example, to add a link inline in an email you would use this:

    Register to attend now!

OR to add an autologin link into the emailBase template, the syntax is slightly different. The base template uses velocity templating language instead of MVEL, and the login token has to be referenced through the page model object:

    To unsubscribe please login to your profile page

This will generate a login token for each specific user. What this means is that when a user clicks a link they will be logged in to the website automatically, ie they will not be presented with a login form

Note that login tokens are only valid for a fixed period of 7 days