SendGrid integration

2020-07-02 01:16:00.0
Emails & Marketing Integrations

Using SendGrid will change the delivery mechanism for your emails, but your email content will still be managed through Kademi. Kademi’s email deliverability is generally similar to SendGrid, but this gives you the option to use a recognised leader in email delivery management, and provides detailed insights on open and conversion rates.

To use SendGrid in your Kademi account, you will need to install the app and configure it with your SendGrid credentials.


SendGrid Setup

If you have had an account provided for you, and already have an API key, skip to Kademi setup.

If you are using your own SendGrid account, follow the below instructions to set up the integration.


1 In your SendGrid account, click Email API, then Integration Guide.


2 Choose SMTP Relay.


3 Enter an API Key Name, and click create key.


4 Copy your API Key Password. Next, we'll show you how to enter this in Kademi. 


Kademi Setup

1 Go to Website Manager, then Market Place, and install the SendGrid app in your account.


2 Go to Apps, and search for SendGrid, then click Settings next to the app.


3 Enter your API key from your SendGrid account, and save.


SendGrid Testing

If you have had a SendGrid account provided for you, send a test email in your Kademi account, and check that it shows in your Activity Feed in SendGrid.

If you are using your own SendGrid account, follow the steps below to finish setting up your SendGrid integration and test that it's working. 


1 Go back to your SendGrid Integration page, and tick I've updated my settings, then click Next: Verify Integration.


2 Send a test email in Kademi, and check that it has been delivered, e.g. by using a Mailinator account.


3 Go back to SendGrid, and verify your integration.


4 You should now be able to see the test email that you sent in your SendGrid Activity Feed.