Setting up a 3rd party integration with an embed code

2020-09-08 04:59:00.0
Integrations Website Management

If you need to use embed code to configure a 3rd party integration for your site, this can be done by editing the master template.

This tutorial will show you how to set up 3rd party integrations using embed code. We’ll use the example of an integration with Plausible, a lightweight and open source web analytics tool.

Go to Content, then Edit web pages, and click Edit master template.


The embed code should be added into the section of your site, to apply across all pages.


Copy the embed code from your 3rd party integration provider.


Paste it into the header in the master template, and Save the page.


Verify the integration on the 3rd party site and check that it has been set up correctly.


It is important to note that some browsers and browser extensions may block trackers, which can reduce the effectiveness of using web analytics tools.