Setting up a signup form

2019-09-26 00:18:00.0
User Management

Kademi's signup form component comes with several out of the box features to meet your user registration needs. Let's have a look at several of them:

Register to group

These are the first options for on the Signup form component settings. 

The first option, "Register to group", selects the main group the users registrating through the form will be added to.

The second one, "Also add to group", is an optional setting. It will add users to a second group selected here. Please keep in mind that the group must be configured as an allowed opt-in for the main group (the group selected in the previous step). Opt-ins are configured in the manage group administration page.

Register to an organisation

In addition to being added to a group of registered users, you can also add the option in the signup form to let users select an organisation to be added to or create a new one. The show orgs search checkbox will show a search field where users can search for existing orgs in order to find theirs and add it to their signup form. Allow creating a new org will let registrating users introduce a new org in their signup forms.

Terms & Conditions

You can add a Terms & Conditions opt-in, which will add a T&C checkbox to your form to make sure registrating users have read your T&C page before proceding with registration.

As you can see on the notice below the "Terms and conditions opt-in" field setting in the image, Terms & Conditions must be configured first as an allowed opt-in for the main group. Check the next section of this post on opt-ins to find out how.

You can modify the prefix text and link text for the terms and conditions label, and add a link to your T&C page.


We've already mentioned opt-ins when talking about groups and Terms & Conditions, so in this section we are going to explain how to set up opt-ins for the Signup form Component.

First, we'll ned a primary group. For this example, the name of our primary group will be Registered Agents.

Now we'll need to create some opt-in groups. Our registered agents might work for one or several companies and we would like to have them enter that information on signup.

In order to create an opt-in group, we need to create a group and check the third option, that is "User tag or opt-in group".

In the picture to the right you can see how opt-in groups will look in the manage groups page. Now we can head back to our main group, Registered Agents.

Scroll down in your main group page until you find the section "Can users opt-in to other mailing lists and groups". Here you can select which groups the registrating users will be able to opt-in to. You can also set the text that will show next to the checkbox to join that group in the signup form.

Before heading back to our Signup form component in the frontend, there's one last step we need to complete in the admin dashboard. Head to Website Manager -> Websites, and select the website you're working on.

Click on the second tab, the manage groups tab and click on "Add group". This will open a dropdown of all groups available, add the main group you created on the first step. 

Now you can go back to the frontend and on the form settings, check the "Show opt-ins" checkbox. The opt-ins you created in the previous steps will now show up on the form.

Extra fields

You can also add extra fields to your signup form to capture extra information from registering users.

To do so, first go to your main groups page and set the extra fields in the section "What extra fields do you want to show new users?". The new fields can be of different types, organisation selection and group selection, with which you can let users select an organisation or a group from a dropdown list.

Now you can go back to Keditor and select the "Show extra fields" options in the form settings.