Setup notifications

2019-10-08 15:01:00.0

Often you will want to know when something has happened, eg someone has posted a comment or submitted a form. You can use automations to setup notifications.

The example I'll use here is for my site This is a developer site where people often ask questions about specific content. I want to know when they ask so i can quickly reply.

Save that and next we'll setup the email and content of the email. On the "Actions" tab, select to send an email and fill in appropriate details.


And on the recipients tab select the group to send to. This should be some sort of administrative group that you are a member of.

When comments are posted that creates a NewCommentEvent. This object has a sourceProfile property which gives us information about the user. We'll use template tags in that email content to give us:

New comment in website @{website.domainName}

Posted by: @{event.sourceProfile.formattedName}