Syncing calendars with Outlook

2019-09-08 23:29:00.0

Kademi KCRM Calendars support the CalDav protocol allowing you to synchronize your calendar with other applications or platforms. Outlook is a widely used desktop email and calendar software. With a few simple steps, you can connect your KCRM calendar to Outlook to you can have all your calendars in a single location for easy access.

  • Close Outlook if open
  • Open your browser and go to
  • Click the "Download" navigation button at the top
  • Click the big "Download" button and wait for the file to download
  • Open the downloaded zip file.
  • Extract the files and open the setup file
  • Follow the instillation instructions
  • After you have completed the installation, Open outlook
  • There will be a new button in the top nav bar called "CalDav Synchronizer"
  • Select "CalDav Synchronizer"
  • Select Synchronization Profiles
  • Select the green plus icon
  • Insure "Generic CalDAV/CardDAV" is selected
  • Click "Ok" to continue
  • Before proceeding we need the calander URL
  • Loggin to your KCRM account
  • Select "Calendars" in the navigation bar
  • Select the calendar you would like to sync
  • Once you have selected the calendar you want to sync, Copy the URL in the navigation bar in your browser window
  • Return to the previous window
  • Input a name for your profile
  • Select a folder to sync the calendar into, If not sure select "Calendar (This computer only)"
  • In "DAV URL:" paste the URL from the previous step
  • insert your KCRM login credentials and email address
  • Insure the "Synchronization mode" is set to "Outlook <- -> Server (Two Way)"
  • Select a Synchronization interval
  • Select "OK" to add profile
  • Calendar event's create in either Outlook or KCRM will appear in both places, If events don't appear select the "Synchronize now" option under "CalDav Synchronizer"