User session replay

2020-09-08 04:43:00.0
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KAnalytics can be used to provide session replays of your users’ site visits. This lets you see what users are trying to do, what their experience on your site is like, and what frustrations or issues they may run into.

It can be particularly useful for:

  • Customer support, to see what issues a user has run into and have a better understanding to assist them
  • Understanding the user experience, to inform site design and processes.

To set this up in Kademi, install KAnalytics in your website.

Go to Website Manager, then Websites, select your site, click Find more apps, and find KAnalytics.


Install KAnalytics in your website.


Login as a user to record a session.


You don’t need to logout at the end of your session, but the replay will be available after a short time.

There are two places to view session replays. The first is from a user’s profile page. View the user you logged in as, and go down to their timeline.


Click View to see the session replay.


Go to the Replay tab to see the video of the session.


The second place to view session replays is on the Analytics page.

Go to Website Manager, then Analytics.

This page shows all session replays, including any users who accessed the page without being logged in. These will show up as Anonymous User.


Further digital experience analytics, for example heatmaps, can be added to your site using a 3rd party integration, e.g. Hotjar.

For more on setting up 3rd party integrations, see the tutorial here.