Using the Clarity app

2021-02-10 20:51:00.0
Website Management

Clarity is a free user behaviour analytics tool by Microsoft, that uses session replays and heatmaps to help you understand how users are interacting with your website.

We'll show you how to set up an integration with Clarity so you can track activity on your Kademi website in Clarity.


Ensure HTTPS is configured

On the security tab of your website management page, ensure Force HTTPS is enabled.


When you view your site, it should automatically use HTTPS.


Create a Clarity project

Go to, and sign in or register a new account.

Click Add new project, enter a project name and your website URL, and select the type of site, then click Create.


From the embed code, copy the Project ID.


Link Clarity to Kademi

Back in Kademi, install the Clarity app in your website.


On the app settings tab of your website management page, open the Settings for the Clarity app.


Paste your Project ID from Clarity, and Save the settings.


Test the integration

Log in to your site as a test user and view some site pages.

Make sure you don't have any browser extensions blocking content or trackers, or the session won't record.

After a few hours, your session will be displayed in Clarity, on the Recordings tab.