Email forwarding

2018-03-28 20:18:00.0
Emails & Marketing Website Management

Kademi's email forwarding can redirect mail going to a certain address and send it to one or more other addresses. Vice versa, email items going to several different addresses can converge via forwarding to end up in a single address inbox.

Installing the email forwarder application

  • Select Website Manager, then Websites

  • Select a website by clicking on the settings gear

  • Click Find more apps

Find and install the Email Forwarder application.

Adding emails to email forwarder

  • Go to Talk & Connect, then Email Forwarder

  • Click Add Forwarder

Adding details

  • Select the website you want the application to work on

  • Add an alias for a new email to be forwarded to

  • Add an email address to where you want emails to be forwarded to

Viewing email forwarders

The email forwarders you add will be displayed on the Email Forwarder page.

Checking the mail server settings

In order for the email forwarder to work, double check that you are using Kademi's mail exchange settings.

  • Go to Website Manager, then Domains

  • Find the domain name you are using

  • Click the edit icon

Updating the MX value

Look for the mail exchange (MX) value - if it is not 10 or 10, you will need to change it.

  • Click on the edit icon from the MX column

Changing the server value

If you need to change the server value, use only one server name, depending on your region.

The two servers are:

  • AU - Australian server - 10
  • US - United States server - 10

Update and save the record.