Create a contact form with Google ReCaptcha

Use a contact form to allow customers to contact you from your website, and add Google ReCaptcha to prevent spam submissions.

27/3/2018 18:41

Editing Content Integrations

Embedding code

Embed widgets from other services, eg videos from youtube, maps from google maps, etc. For most of these there are built in Kademi components to make life easy, but when there is no special component you can still just drop in a code snippet, referred to as "embedding"

29/3/2018 06:41

Editing Content Developers

Web page permissions

4/9/2019 04:47

Editing Content Website Management

How to use the org locator app

Learn how to use the org locator app to allow website visitors to search for their nearest organization.

8/10/2019 03:16

Editing Content Integrations

Custom error pages

5/11/2019 10:05

Editing Content

How to make the menu dock to the top of the screen

10/6/2020 12:16

Editing Content

Using KCode

10/7/2020 09:36

Editing Content Fundamentals

Adding downloadable resources to your site

20/7/2020 15:01

Editing Content

Group resources

5/8/2020 09:17

Editing Content User Management

Adding a member list to a company page

21/8/2020 07:13

Editing Content User Management

Restricting products displayed to users with a price limit

15/9/2020 13:25

eCommerce Editing Content

Ways to sort products in your eCommerce store

See the different ways products in your eCommerce store can be sorted to display products that are most relevant to your customers.

15/9/2020 13:55

eCommerce Editing Content

Using the website readonly feature

Just a quick video which walks you through using Kademi's read-only feature which is used to safely edit and manage website content. Also shows how this can impact on editing pricing rules.

14/1/2021 09:27

Editing Content Website Management

Reusing content layouts

2/2/2021 11:16

Editing Content